Lucas Garcia
Game Designer and Producer



I am a hobbyist Game Designer with a passion for playing and making games, fun design and creative problem solving. I have an extensive technical background which I'm looking to leverage as part of a pivot into the games industry. Some of these skills include, regularly working on Agile projects, running Scrum and daily stand up meetings, keeping track of projects in Trello and Wrike as well as maintaining wiki-based documentation in Confluence and Microsoft Office 365.

I have experience working with GDScript, JavaScript, BOLT for Unity, C# and Java as well as game engines such as GameMaker, Godot and Unity and GIMP and Audacity. I'm an avid game jammer having participated in five successful jams where I have worked with programmers, composers and artists in teams ranging from two to seven people in size. I enjoy prototyping new game mechanics or working on unusual projects that let me learn new things.